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My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment Teacher and Mentor. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings and channels with Archangel Michael, the Elohim, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and the Royal Star Lions, as well as  books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul, your mission in this lifetime and the New Earth timeline.

You are welcome to join our New Earth Luminosan Community  in our ongoing conversations about Ascension and Transformation.  We gather in webinars, via the website and Facebook to share information, channels, videos and celebrations of key moments in the Sacred year.  Please join our newsletter if you would like to know more about our Group activities in the Sacred Year.

I hope to accompany you as you step into this New Earth Reality!

Please enjoy the site and the information!

2022 : Rediscovering "The Book of Love" and Simple Joy

This is the time when we, as Humanity, reclaim our Cosmic and Galactic heritage in order to live on the New Earth timeline.  2022 will be the year of Love in which we learn how to work with The Book of Love to Create a new Reality.  What is the Book of Love?  It is the Book that was central to the Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.  The timeline of the "Pure Ones" (Cathars) was reactivated in 2021, and in 2022 we reconnect with the Book of Love within ourselves, and the idea of Simple Joy.  Our Adventure continues!

On this website it is my aim to inform and support you as you take your first steps in the New Reality and engage with the Book of Love!

I offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and your Heart, and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.

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Lion Family Full Moon


14th August 2022.1

I woke up this morning with what I can only describe as a Post Lions Gate hangover!
I had a headache and felt woozy and light headed.
So I checked for Solar Flares, but so far nothing big reported, although there are lots of earth facing sunspots ready to unleash!
Also, when I woke earlier I noticed, of course, that the Moon is still full!
So, even as we begin to move past the Lions Gate portal and towards Virgo, the energies are still swirling powerfully.
So, I think Sunday will be a day for rest and self care.
Meditation, Relaxation, Prayer and Gratitude are all a good idea. Perhaps some writing in my "Book of Love" journal, or some creative expression. I felt called at this Lions Gate to spend more time with my art in the coming cycle. Something I haven't ben able to do for a while.
But first I have to pack up house and move! Lol. This Lions Gate is still roaring for me. I signed the lease on my new place on the 12th August after months of searching, and will be moving 1st September.
I call the new house my "New Earth House". It is up on a mountain and looks towards a waterfall on one side and the Ocean on the other. I will share images when I can.
So, if we flow with the energies we will find that the Lions Gate will move us powerfully forward in our Journey.
Have a peaceful Sunday everyone!

14th August 2022 .2

The Solar "Heat Surge" Effect
Many people, including myself, have recently noticed "heat surges" occurring randomly. This is more noticeable here because it is winter, and there is no real explanation for these sudden surges.
Archangel Michael has explained that these are connected to the activation of the Solar Octahedron body in the Light Body structure. This is true for ascending humanity, but also true for the Earth itself, which is contained within its own Solar Octahedron.
The Solar Octahedron anchors into the Sun at the top and the Earth Heart at the bottom point, and the Heart in the center.
It allows Golden Solar Light to fill the Light Body within the Octahedron which acts as a "Solar Sail" and moves us forward in our Journey through the Stars. These surges of Heat are inpourings of Golden Light that "fill our sails" and lift our consciousness.
I have always felt that this is the "message" of the Pyramids at Giza. The Sky facing pyramids are the top level of the Octahedron and the bottom level is contained within in the Earth, in another dimension. Together, they formed an "engine" that powered the ever evolving upward spirals of evolution on Earth.
The Sphinx was/is a Star Lion, forever guarding the engine of the Sacred Spirals in his role as Guardian of the Time Spirals and Creations on Earth.
These are the teachings of the Sirian Star Masters who worked with our ancestors in Ancient Egypt.
Heat surges then simply means we are activating and tuning in to the "Solar Engine" of Golden LIght and Light Codes that powers our evolutionary journey by connecting us to the Stars and the flows of Divine Creative Love that are transmitted to us from the Sun. We are doing this for ourselves, as individuals, and also for the collective on Earth, in our roles as Starseeds and Light Workers.
So, don't sweat it too much, stay cool and see you on the starry road of transmutation and evolution, fellow travellers!

12th August 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius : 11/12th August
With the Lions Gate energy still flowing powerfully we are now in the Aquarius Full Moon.
Ruled by the electrical energy of Uranus, this moon is not "comfortable". In fact, to many it will seem as though they are being pushed out of their comfort zone.
But beyond this comfort zone lies the Cosmic spaces of exploration and adventure.
The Divine Feminine urges us to step up and step out into the New Earth Flow of Creation and Adventure.
The Star Lions walk beside us, and the Archangels.
We draw on the loving support of our Soul Families, our Angelic and Galactic Families and the New Earth Community of which we are a part.
Have a beautiful Full Moon transit fellow travellers!
8th August 2022 : 8/8 Lions Gate
This day is the culmination of a long passageway into the new, and is a time of celebration.
It is a Celebration of Divine Love, of Creation and Manifestation and of Love and Abundance.
It is an opportunity to renew your commitment to the Path of Light and to creating a New Earth in your own life.
Archangel Michael, the Elohim Angels, the Star Lions and the Sirian Star Teachers celebrate with you!
May this day be Sacred and Beautiful and filled with Love!
As the Sirians would say: Let there be Ma at! (Balance and Harmony in all things!)
6th August 2022
With just days to the 8/8 Lions Gate the energy is INTENSE!
I have been down the rabbit hole with a bad head cold (it is winter here) and so have been forced to rest.
Rest was much needed!
The Star Lions are very present as Guardians of the Lions Gate Portals.
They remind us that the only way to transit the Lions Gate is to be present in the Now and to be Light of Heart and Soul.
Do not allow anxiety and fear to pull you down at this time.
Rise up on the wings of Love, Creativity and Imagination.
See the version of yourself that you want to create in the next time spiral.
See yourself in the higher-dimensional New Earth living in Peace and harmony!
Archangel Michael and the Angels, and the Star Lions, are here to support your journey and your transit.
There is a whole community of light that is also supporting this shift.
Let's get it together and "do the Time Warp again"!
"Its just a jump to the left, its just a step to the right,
Put your hands on your hips
and bring your knees in tight......."
(reference for people over 50)
But......the point is to dance your way through the portal with a light heart and a joyful matter what!
Have a great week end everyone!""

31st July 2022

So... the buzz right now is about the Uranus, Mars and North Node astrological conjunction in Taurus, happening today 31st July, at the same time as the Lions Gate energies.
What that means is that there is a lot of powerful energy around the issues of home (whether it be your home or the Planet) and finances that is really becoming intense right now. The North Node signifies the destiny of your soul on Earth, which means that whatever issues are coming up now have a very deep impact on who and what you are.
You may find the energy is highly charged and aggressive as people struggle with these energies in their lives.
Best advice is to seek your center and your tranquility, knowing that this will pass, and that the energy wallop that you are experiencing right now is to help you to realign your path with your Soul and your Destiny.
If you feel uncomfortable right now, then it means that on a deep level your soul is guiding you to realign before the Lions Gate and the new Time Spiral that initiates at the 8/8.
Follow your inner guidance and know that all will be well. This is a big transit and we have to step up by going within and finding our answers in the place of inner Peace and Tranquility, our true "Home" while on Earth.
Have a peaceful and tranquil Sunday everyone!

28th July 2022

New Moon in Leo : July 28th
Today is the New Moon under the sign of the Lion/Lionness.
As we enter the powerful vortex of the annual Lions Gate, the New Moon invites us to be gentle with ourselves at this time.
Be in the void for a while.
And plant the seeds of the New!
What will you create in this cycle of Creativity and Manifestation.
This is the moment when you activate the Magician within and wave your Magic Wand and say:
"I create! And so it is"
May all your creations bring you joy!

27th July 2022

Here is something interesting to consider.
Comet Neowise,( image captured when it was in Earth transit in July 2020.) The Comet is still visible from Earth and is still sending Galactic frequencies).
Comets, as visitors from the Solar system and further, always bring "exotic" vibrations and frequencies to the Earth.
These are often quite subtle, but deep and Galactic.
I think Comet Neowise has been a bit of a wake up call.
Things are shifting and changing on very deep levels right down to the DNA as our original angelic and galactic templates are reawakened..
Our ancestors regarded comets as signifiers of great change and the fall of kings/governments. prepared for some BIG shifts as the Lions Gate opens up.
Physically I find I am feeling what I call "deep pertubations" or a deep level vibration in my body that is often a signifier of very deep shifts. Also I have been feeling a little nauseous and tired, and finding it hard to get to sleep.
We need to focus on the here and now, and on holding Love, kindness and compassion, even when we find people are spinning out and acting irrationally.
Focus on your dreams for the New Earth and what you want to create.
(Comet Neowise is not currently transitting our Sun but is in the Constellation of Draco right now. It is visible but not with the naked eye. Maybe something there about dragons and Earth Grids and magic and higher dimensions)
26th July 2022
26th July Galactic/Planetary New Year
And.....a New Cycle begins and new timelines unfurl for another spiral of adventure and experience.
As Cosmic Souls and Beings of Light in Human Form, we voyage through TimeSpace in an ongoing adventure of discovery and exploration.
Under the sign of the Lion and under the watchful eye of the Royal Star Lions and the Star Teachers from Sirius, we begin a new creation.
Today it is important to hold the idea of Abundance and Manifestation. Know that you can create and manifest the life that you want in the New Earth. Keep a clear intention of where you want to go, and make choices that align with that intention.
Let your Heart be Light and filled with Light!
Be kind, be compassionate and be loving.
This is a New World where the Feminine energies are becoming the new way of life.
Allow yourself to feel supported and loved.
Be open to the synchronicities and miracles that manifest in your life!
Happy New Year everyone!

25th July 2022

July 25th 2022
The Day Out of Time.
A Magical celebration of potential and possibility.
It is the zero point moment between two cycles when all is possible and it is up to us to play with the magic and decide what we want to create.
Not just in our personal lives but also for the Earth and the Galaxy.
We are multi-dimensional Cosmic Beings of Light and our Nature is to Create and Evolve through creation.
Take this day to rest, relax and celebrate.
Tomorrow begins the New Cycle as we begin to move into the Lions Gate Portal!
This is the deep in breath before we begin to move out into another cycle of Creation.
Have a Magical Day!


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What's Happening This Month

  • Lions Gate Portal Marquez
    8 August 2022
    8/8 Lions Gate

    Today is the High Point of the Lions Gate portal.  It is a powerful moment in SpaceTime as a new spiral of time unfurls as we enter the new Solar Year.  The Royal Star Lions are on hand to be our guides, and Archangel Michael overlights our work on this special day!

  • Aquarius Feminine
    12 August 2022
    Full Moon in Aquarius

    The Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us that we need our Soul families and tribes in the New Earth.  We are Communities of Light and Love that will manifest the New Earth together. As this Full Moon falls at the end stages of the Lions Gate, we can expect a powerful flow of Energy that will assist our evolution and transformation.

  • Lady and Lion 3
    23 August 2022
    Sun into Virgo

    The Sun now moves into the Earth sign of Virgo.  This activates the powerful archetype of the Lady and the Lion, where the power of the Divine Feminine tames the fiery energy of the Lions Gate.  We can expect a quieter time of reflection and integration.

  • Virgo
    27 August 2022
    New Moon in Virgo

    As the Sun moves into the Goddess sign of Virgo, we feel the shift as the seasons move towards Fall (in the North) and Spring (in the South).  It is only a few weeks to Equinox, the first Sacred Point of Light after the Lions Gate.  And so the Sacred Year unfolds!  This is a good time to initiate new projects especially relating to gardens and sustainable lifestyles.

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