Celia's Blog - 1 February 2023

Today is the day in which Comet ZTF makes its close pass by the Earth.

And did I feel it last night!

I had such weird dreams and I woke up with a headache and feeling strange in my body.

But it was quite an experience! I felt as though I was being sent “messages” by an “alien” consciousness that was touching on my consciousness and communicating with me. A Cosmic “Message in a bottle” as I called it before.

The dream was in tones of black and green, but it was not threatening, rather it had a sense of deep Galactic energy. The images in the dream did carry deep messages for me, although I did not understand everything because the consciousness was so different to what I had perceived before.

This is exciting for me because it supports what I have been told about Water Plasma as a means of Galactic communication. Remember that Comets contain a high degree of ice. So, they are able to “communicate” or transmit messages. They also develop ion “tails” when they close pass objects such as our Earth that are a further means of communicating with the object/planet.

Such exciting times that we live in.

So onward to the 2/2 Aquarius Gate tomorrow, and our connection with the flows of Heavenly Water via the Aqua Heart.

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