Celia's Blog - 15 January 2023

The main image above is Comet ZTF due to pass close to the Earth on 1st February. Just in time for the 2/2 Aquarius Gate Portal.

A Galactic Messenger to work with us as a harbinger of great changes that are occurring in this year as we open into the Golden Age of the New Earth with Jupiter in Aries helping us to expand ourselves and Pluto into Aquarius in April beginning to transform the way in which we create community.

For myself, I am feeling strongly the very deep changes in the physical body as the incoming Water Plasma Codes initiate the transformation of the body into its new more crystalline form. I feel this as a very deep cleansing and a need to purify on the cellular level. Everything that is toxic must leave to allow the body to purify. This is both a deep cellular process, and a conscious process that involves choices of self-care and hygiene.

Also, on the focus level i feel drawn to create Love, Beauty and Joy.

Love to me means deep compassion and kindness for all living beings. And, as I embark on this journey, I find that many beings and creatures are drawn to my space. I love and appreciate them all.

Beauty surrounds me on this beautiful planet, and i choose to see it and celebrate it wherever I am.

Joy is our natural nature and birthright. Living in Beauty and Simple Joy is a daily practice that was taught by the Feminine Christ, Mary Magdalene. This is my path in the New Earth.

Have a beautiful, joyful and love filled weekend on our beautiful Earth everyone! ❤

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