Celia's Blog - 9 April 2023

Easter Sunday reminds us that this sacred narrative is not only about death and ending, but also about a new beginning and a new life.

Yeshua modelled the ascension process by stepping out of his old life and rising into a new life at a higher frequency of consciousness.

So too we are releasing the old and rising into a new state as we become the new Aquarius Human/Human Angel.

I have heard some people say that the coming April/May eclipses will be like an ignition switch that will activate us into the New Earth Reality. I found that interesting, since the Solar Eclipse/New Moon will be exactly on my Ascendent. Truly a good time to be making a new beginning.

Of course, this is a process, and many of us have been working with the Pure Heart and the Path of the New Human for many years. We know that this new Being will be a gentle soul that follows the Path of the Pure Heart without aggression, ego or greed. He or She is a community person who loves to support others, and so these Beings may not be immediately visible as individuals. They are seen for how they love and support others and the Earth itself.

The first step into this New Reality will be the reconnection with Nature and the Earth and the energising of that connection.

So indeed, celebrating the New Earth Human rising today and the incoming New Earth is a perfect theme for Easter Sunday.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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