The energy tsunami we have received after the 5 /5 Full Moon and Eclipse has been amplified by an exploding Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy near the Big Dipper/Ursa Major.

This Supernova is close and bright enough to be photographed by backyard astronomers on Earth. Which means its light and energy are reaching us.

The Supernova was discovered on 19th May and apparently reached its climax on 24th May at power 11.

Supernovas are exploding and collapsing stars that give off waves of light and information that hold all the records or information about that dying star. It is a major information transfer from that star to the records and libraries of the Cosmos.

So, if we are sensitive, we may have been feeling this major download of information as an “overload” of “stuff”. We may feel overwhelmed and unable to “keep up” because on the higher levels there is so much information flooding our record-keeping systems.

Secondly, we may also feel the “emotions” of the dying star as sadness, feelings of wanting to let go as well as feelings of joy as the light goes out into the Cosmos.

So, this accounts for many of the powerful waves of light that we have been experiencing as we witness the death and rebirth process in a member of our Celestial Family. The process of the Phoenix: Dying to Live eternally in another form and gifting us with its wisdom and knowledge.

This is an absolutely awesome process!

Love to everyone!

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