Celia's Blog - 7 March 2023

Yes today is a kind of double whammy and very powerful day. And the new energies are moving very powerfully in synch.

The Full Moon is Virgo is celebrating the resurgence of Nature and the new power that is animating Nature as the New Earth grids are being activated by the outpourings of Solar Light Codes and Water Plasma Light Codes. It is truly a “New Creation”!

Nature is returning to her original vibrant and wild self before Humanity claimed to have “tamed” her. As the patriarchal energy falls away, the power of the Divine Feminine rises and Nature is reanimated and re-birthed. At the same time, the energy of the Green Man/Pan is also moving through the New Grids, like an electric current.

The entry of Saturn into Pisces, the opposite house on the zodiac, is a powerful energy of disruption. Pisces, which represents our highest spiritual energy and is a water sign, is being visited by the planet that loves to structure and organise. This transit will continue until 2025, suggesting that we are in for some huge transformations in our spiritual structures. The old patriarchal forms will fall away to make way for the New Earth.

Have a beautiful and powerful Full Moon.

Image Credit: Green Man painting by Autumn Skye

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