Celia's Blog - 5 March 2023

That is the name Archangel Michael gave me for the energy experience that we are undergoing in March 2023.

It is a result of the intense flow of Water Plasma energy that was experienced in February and the intense Solar flares that have been bombarding the planet.

It is drilling drown into the DNA to finally flip us into the Multi-dimensional consciousness of the New Earth. Old timelines are being disconnected to make way for the material expression of the New Earth.

Symptoms are a deep feeling of disconnection and chaos. I find I often wake up in the morning with absolutely no sense of where I am on the Time/Space continuum. It takes me a few moments to reconnect with Earth and March 2023. That is because we are so much elsewhere in the Galaxy, especially at night and in our sleep time.

Also physical discomfort and “purging” as old patterns of personal belief are dissolved.

I find this process to be a lot like what happened in 2013 after the big shifts of 2012. Only a lot faster…really a lot faster. It is as though we do not have time to draw breath and some other change occurs. We are being turned 180 degrees to see life from a totally different perspective.

An all-encompassing perspective that includes all forms of life, not just homo sapiens on Earth.

This is the emergence of the Pure Ones and the Pure Crystalline Heart. The Ones who honor all Creation and carry the Light of New Creation. The Ones who carry the Emerald Heart Codes and will create the New Lemuria.

It may be a bit of a rough ride but it is unfolding before us!

Love to everyone!

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