Celia's Blog - 28 February 2023

I have been out of communication as I have been down a very strange Rabbit Hole. I call it Baboonmeggedon. On Sunday last I went out for an hour and a large number of angry baboons gained access to my house and garden and literally trashed it. As you can see from the images it was complete shambles and the baboons pooped inside and there was baboon blood all over my patio furniture.

It was a “home invasion” and was a totally shattering experience.

So why were the Baboons so angry that they were wreaking destruction not just at my house but also in the area.

Well it has to do with wildlife/human interaction, living on the “urban edge” , “climate change” and human violence to animals. For about a month the baboons have invaded the suburbs and town area causing havoc. Their Alpha Male (the big guy who leads them) was taken by the SPCA and euthanised for blindness this week. The troop went nuts and the trashing of my house was collateral damage.

In the 3 days of cleaning and trying to deal with the home invasion, I thought about how we as humans have invaded their homes and lands and taken so much from them. They are in constant competition with us for resources and survival.

In this coming month of March and as we move towards Eclipse season and the Taurus gate, we will be asked to consider what Archangel Michael calls the “Emerald Heart”: Our own connection to nature and how we honor our responsibilities as Earth Stewards and Keepers.

That was the message for me. The night before the home trashing, and being aware of their anguish, I had sent out a wave of love to all of them. They responded by trashing my home to let me know what it felt like and to urge me to rethink and expand my definition of love.

We are all ONE, even the animals.

When they are homeless and in pain, then so are we.

We must honor the Emerald Heart within ourselves and within the Planet.

Heaven must come to Earth now!

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