After the massive shift of the 5/5 Full Moon Eclipse, we have made it to the other side.

For me, the 5/5 was a time of Divine Grace and Pure Love. But also, of great confusion in the collective consciousness at the lower levels. It was just so powerful, everyone felt it!

And so, on the other side, we are able to return to the Garden.

No longer shut out!

The Garden is within us!

We are the Creators of the New Lemuria/New Earth.

Higher Consciousness opens us to new possibilities of Being and Doing and new creations of the Garden.

Every day be aware of how you can honor the Earth and work towards creating the new pristine Garden of Love and Beauty that is the Sacred New Earth.

Starting with creating your inner garden of love and joy!

Have a Blessed Sunday and enjoy the blessings of Spring/Autumn!

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