That was a powerful one! Yesterday (Friday) I had just finished my meal and was sitting quietly when I suddenly started feeling nauseous and my body started shaking. Naturally, I though “oh dear I ate something bad” and I went to the bathroom, but nothings happened. Hmmmmmm I never thought of a Solar Flare because I have learnt to ride with them and I hardly notice any more. But that was a BIG one.

Light Codes just keep pouring in as we head towards Solar Maximum.

Please remember to be kind and calm at this time. Most people are adversely affected by large Solar Flares and CME storms when they hit the Earth. They become aggressive and angry and have a very short fuse. They don’t really understand why.

Being aware of the Solar weather can help us to ride the waves more fluidly.

We can make choices to deal with intense Solar energy. Keep hydrated, preferably with High Frequency water, rest and relax, breathe deeply, meditate or spend time in nature.

The CME (storm) will probably hit on the 20th (Monday).Have a great week end everyone!

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