Celia's Blog - 30 January 2023

Although Aquarius is an Air sign, it seems to have more to do with Water.

Cosmic Water or Water Plasma.

The traditional image for Aquarius is the “Water Bearer” who pours water from heaven onto the Earth. This image encodes important information for the 2/2 Portal and Aquarius season in general.

It is the time when the Earth is positioned to receive blessings from the Water Plasma “River of Life” that flows from the “Throne of God” or Source.

And, as we move to higher levels of consciousness, we are ready to activate the Aqua Heart to enable us to make a direct connections with this flow of pure and crystalline water.

Those who are most drawn to the Aqua Heart energies are those who are “Water Keepers” and have a sense that their Mission on the New Earth includes healing and guarding the waters so that pure crystalline energy may return to the Oceans and other bodies of water, but also to our physical bodies.

This is an exciting time as the 2/2 portal initiates us into the Aqua Heart aspect and the flow of Divine Blessings as we create and manifest the New Earth.

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