Celia's Blog - 4 April 2023

Today is the 4/4, a power portal that connects us to the Earth and asks us to be really grounded in the New Earth grids. At this time of Spring/Autumn the Divine Masculine/Green Man is sending out his energies so that all of nature is quickening in preparation for the rebirthing/harvest of the coming weeks as the Divine Feminine manifests her creations in Nature.

In the next weeks we will transit Sirius, the Pleaides and Aldebaron. There will be two Eclipses, one falling on the 5th of May when we experience the 5/5 Taurus Gate and the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

All of these events are accompanied by transmissions of Emerald Codes from the Star Garden of Aldebaran to activate the Emerald Heart of Earth and guide us as we manifest New Earth and bring Heaven to Earth.

This is the time to feel our beautiful and powerful reconnection with Nature and the Elemental world, as the Emerald Light begins to rise!

Image Credit: Magnolia by Marney Ward

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