I want to start by expressing sympathy and support to Turkiye for the loss of life sustained in the big earthquake. I have spent much time in Turkiye and her people are special to me.

However, I did notice that the quake was centered in the area of Gaziantep, which is very close to the ancient site of Gobekli Tepe.

Gobekli Tepe is important in our “recent” Galactic history as it is the oldest known post Atlantis structure on Earth, believed to be more than 12 000 years old. It also aligns with the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, in our Galaxy.

Cygnus is believed to be the home constellation of the Elohim Angels and the place from which many high frequency angelic souls descend to the Earth and return the stars.

It feels to me that this heavy earthquake, coming right after the 2/2 portal and the Leo Full Moon, may be an aspect of the Earth changes as the Earth realigns with Cygnus in the process of becoming multi-dimensional.

It may be that important new frequencies that are positive and filled with light will come into this area that has been so heavy and dark for so long as the old dense energies are broken down making room for something new.

Blessings and Light to all in Turkiye and Syria.

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