Just when you thought it was over…the Sun let fly with the strongest Solar Flare of this cycle so far!

STRONGEST SOLAR FLARE OF THE CURRENT CYCLE: Yesterday, May 14th (1651 UT), sunspot AR3664 unleashed the strongest solar flare of the current solar cycle–an X8.7-category blast from beyond the sun’s western limb. (Spaceweather.com)

I actually did not even notice any effects except positive ones because today I spent some wonderful time with a small Baboon Troop that I know locally, and that I work with. They were so calm and serene that it rubbed off on me. I felt like I was living in the New Earth where everything was golden and radiant!

Nature has the answers!

Live and flow in trust of Divine Love and Support.

Live in Grace.

As each wonderful moment unfolds.

We are well on our way!

We need only wait for the Miracles to unfold!

Love to everyone!

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