Lions Gate 2022 webinar series: The Rising Wave of Consciousness, the Transformative energy of the Divine Feminine and a New Chapter in the Book of Love


You are invited to join our Community of Light for a Master Webinar Series for the 8/8 Lions Gate! This year the Lions Gate will be powerful and transformative.  It will be the first time that the Family of Light has worked together as "Star Navigators" to guide the Planet through the Lions Gate at the highest possible level.  This will facilitate a big leap forward for those who can access the Rising Wave of the New Earth Consciousness. This great leap forward will have positive outcomes for all of us on the Personal and the Planetary level.

As part of the online Community of Light, Celia Fenn will guide you through 5 webinars that will assist you to transit the Lions Gate at the highest level for you as an individual.  There will also be activations with Archangel Michael, the Royal Star Lions, the Elohim and the Sirian Star Teachers.

You will have access to the live transmissions, and if you cannot be present in person, there will be a video mp4 recording made available on Vimeo, plus a set of Course Notes.  Each webinar is an hour in length, except for the 8/8 Ceremony which is 40 minutes.

The dates : 24th, 31st July,  8th , 14th and 21st August 2022.

Time : 7.00PM/19.00 Cape Town time.

Session 1 :  24th July 2022 : The Sacred Year, the Rising Wave of Consciousness and the Planetary New Year (26th July).  The importance of connecting with the Regulus and the Royal Star Lions and the Sirian Star Teachers.  The role of the Star Lions as Cosmic Time Navigators, and the Sirian Star teachings about Time/Space and Star Navigation.  The importance for us of keeping Inner Balance and Peace to create Transformation for the Planet and to provide the "engine of power" for the Lions Gate 2022 so that we catch the Ascending wave in preparation for the personal and planetary changes that are coming in 2023-2025. There will be an Activation with Archangel Michael.

Session 2 : 31st July : The Rising Wave of Consciousness and the Divine Feminine.  The reactivation of the Magdalene Teachings to ground the Divine Feminine on Earth in 2021/22 and into the future.  The opening of a new chapter in the "Book of Love" on both the personal and planetary level.  The importance of Community Light Networks/Grids of Light to lift the Planet through the Lions Gate (8/8) to a higher level of Consciousness and Evolution. There will be an Activation with Archangel Michael.

Session 3 : 8th August : 8/8 Ceremony and Portal Transit with Archangel Michael, the Elohim, the Star Lions and Sirian Star Teachers.

Session 4 : 14th August : Integration Session (1). In the Integration sessions we work to integrate the information and energy of the Lions Gate. In this session we will work with the Etheric Octahedron that provides the connection to Cosmic Navigation.  We will consider how we can activate and maintain this ability as part of our new multi-dimensional Light Body/physical body synthesis.  There will be teachings by the Star Lions and an Activation with Archangel Michael and the Sirian Star Teachers.

Session 5 : 21st August : Integration Session (2) The Path of the Shining Ones.  What we can learn from the Essene and Cathar Teachings to guide us in the New Earth with regards to Community and Personal Life Skills.  We will work with Mary Magdalene and the Royal Star Lioness Leaia to recover the path of the Spiritual Warrior and her transformative energy.  There will be an activation with Archangel Michael, the Star Lions and Mary Magdalene.

Time :  7.00PM/19.00 Cape Town time.  Please check your local time here.

Cost : 150 US Dollars for access to the live transmissions, the Vimeo recordings and the class notes. Please make payment below to book your place.