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Private Sessions with Celia


Private Sessions/Mentor sessions with Celia Fenn are one hour online sessions on the Zoom platform

The sessions are recorded and you will receive the audio recording via We Transfer.

All you need is Zoom and you are set to go!

Celia has more than two decades of experience in doing Readings and Private Sessions with people all around the world.  As an intuitive empath and channel she is able to read your energies and connect with your Higher Aspects, as well as channeling information and messages from Archangel Michael and other Beings in the Spirit Realms.

As a Mentor she shares her two decades of experience as a Planetary Teacher working with people around the world and running her website which was established in 2004!  She also uses Social Media and has a large following on Facebook.  She is qualified to assist you to raise your profile in your business and engage a wider audience.

December Holidays Special Offer : I will be offering 20 Private Soul Sessions with an emphasis on what to expect in 2023.  These readings will be helpful to situate yourself and your soul work as we enter the year of 2023!

The cost will be 200 US Dollars for a session.

Please mail me at the address below and request the special offer.

If you would like to request a Private Session or join the Mentorship Program, please mail me at the address below!

There are two types of Private Sessions available:

1. Soul Star/Soul Purpose Session with Celia and Archangel Michael.

In this time of huge shift and transformation, many of us are feeling a little lost as we know that things are fundamentally changing, but we are not always sure how that affects us and our mission on the Earth.

Celia works with the information in your Soul Star chakra, and with Archangel Michael, to help to guide you to a stronger alignment with your work and purpose.

2. Individual Focus Session

In these sessions you can choose the focus.  It may be that you want to discuss an issue or seek for more information about events in your life.

Let me know what you want to explore and we can set it up together.

Archangel Michael is also a part of these sessions.

The cost of Private sessions is 250 US Dollars.

Please mail Celia if you would like a Private Session :

 Mentorship Program

Based on her more than two decades of personal experience as a Channel, Medium,  Writer/Artist and Content Creator, Celia Fenn offers  Mentorship modules.  These modules consist of 3 one hour personal private sessions on Zoom, together with guidance  and individual specific tasks that will move you forward in your life and/or business.

In these Modules you will be empowered to become the Master of your own Life and Energies that is your birthright in this lifetime. Also, with the deep shifts and changes that are ongoing in our culture, you will be guided to the best practices for promoting your work and business.

These modules are good for people who are starting their business and those already in business, especially in healing or teaching, and who feel they would like to move forward to the next level.

The Modules on offer in 2022 are:

1. Spiritual/Metaphysical Business Module

2. Writing Your Book

3. Creating Social Media Posts and Videos

4. Creating Webinars online

These Modules will help you to define/redefine your Soul Purpose and to express it in your work/business in a way that will allow you to be noticed and to bring your gifts and talents to the people who need you, in the highest integrity and service.

1. Spiritual/Metaphysical Business Module

Session 1 :  Your Soul Purpose and your work and passion

Session 2 : Creating the structures that will support your business in "real" space/place and online and engage an audience that will support you.

Session 3 : Content Creation : writing text that will support your vision and purpose and editing what is not helpful. We will work together to create text that you may need for your business or project.

2. Writing Your Book

Many people want to write a book, but have very little idea how to go about it.  Celia has a PhD in English and has the skills to write and edit.  She has published several books in topics ranging from Poetry, Wellness and Spirituality.  She will assist you to create a structure in which you can create the ideas and concepts of your book.  This is a clear and easy process that will empower you to get writing.

Session 1 : Define your Topic: What are your ideas and what do you want to convey to your readers

Session 2 : Creating a "container" or structure for your project by breaking it up into small and manageable "portions" to facilitate flow

Session 3 : we go!  Your first chapter!  We will work together on your first chapter.

3. Social Media Posts : Written and Visual/video

Celia has many years of experience with websites and social media.  She began her website in 2004 and it has been an ongoing process. She has 54,000 followers on Facebook, and she also works with video and visual media.  She will assist you to make use of your chosen social media to the best of your ability.

Session 1. Choosing your media focus: written and/or video. What works best for your market. (And the quirks of bots and algorithms). Audience engagement as a crucial aspect to building a following.

Session 2. Developing your "brand" through your posts and audience engagement.  Creating a long term "plan" to develop your offerings and wisdom.

Session 3.Content Creation :  We will work together to create a "brand" campaign on the social media of your choice.

4. Creating and Presenting Webinars

Celia has been offering online webinars for 10 years.  Originally these were simply audio, but with technology we have graduated to the sophisticated and connective platforms like Zoom.  Celia will help you to create and offer professional webinars.

Session 1: Choosing your topic and creating your structure : one webinar or a series?

Session 2 : Presenting your information and Group interaction

Session 3 : Presentation techniques : How to connect with your audience and present your information in a way that is accessible and memorable

To apply for one of the mentorship modules, please write to

The cost of the Mentorship Modules is 500 US Dollars per Module of three sessions.




Book Your Session

$250.00 USD

You will need to contact Celia in order to arrange  your private session. Once booked Celia will send you the web address where you can make payment.



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