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Private Sessions with Celia


Private Sessions with Celia Fenn are one hour online sessions on the Zoom platform

The sessions are recorded and you will receive the audio recording via We Transfer.

All you need is Zoom and you are set to go!

If you would like to request a private session, please mail me at the address below!

There are three types of Sessions available:

1. Soul Star/Soul Purpose Session with Celia and Archangel Michael.

In this time of huge shift and transformation, many of us are feeling a little lost as we know that things are fundamentally changing, but we are not always sure how that affects us and our mission on the Earth.

Celia works with the information in your Soul Star chakra, and with Archangel Michael, to help to guide you to a stronger alignment with your work and purpose.

2. Angelic Codes and Star Maps with Celia and Archangel Michael..

Your name and your date of birth reveal much about your angelic connections and your Galactic families.

In these sessions Celia can help you to understand who you are in soul terms and the journey of your soul to this point.  She uses the "Magdalene Cross" to pinpoint your life purpose and your Earth and Galactic energies.

Archangel Michael is also a part of these sessions.

The cost of Private sessions is 250 US Dollars.

Please mail Celia if you would like a Private Session :

3. Mentorship Program

Based on her more than two decades of personal experience as a Channel. Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Writer/Artist, Celia Fenn offers 3 month Mentorship modules.  These modules consist of 3 one hour personal private sessions on Zoom, together with guidance  and individual specific tasks that will move you forward in your life and/or business.

In these Modules you will be empowered to become the Master of your own Life and Energies that is your birthright in this lifetime.

These modules are also good for people who are already in business, especially in healing or teaching, and who feel they would like to move forward to the next level.

The two Modules on offer in 2021 are:

1. Spiritual Business Module

2. Accelerated Personal Growth Module

All sessions in both Modules include activations  and affirmations (word magic) with Archangel Michael and other Beings of Light to assist you to move forward.

1. Spiritual Business Module : In this module your first session will help you to ensure that your proposed project or business is aligned with your Higher Soul Purpose.  There will be suggestions and guidance to assist you to move forward with the concrete steps of establishing a presence and connecting with your clients.  The next two sessions will chart your progress and ensure that you are on your path and meeting your objectives.

2. Personal Growth Module : This module is for those who want to experience accelerated personal growth or work through a problem that is affecting their lives.  In the first session we define the Intention and objective and chart a course forward.  In the next two sessions we examine progress and set new parameters in this "levelling up" experience.

To apply for one of the mentorship modules, please write to

The cost of the Mentorship Module is 500 US Dollars.




Book Your Session

$250.00 USD

You will need to contact Celia in order to arrange  your private session. Once booked Celia will send you the web address where you can make payment.



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