18 October 2023



Beloveds, as you move through the Eclipse season and onwards through the 11/11 Portal, you are facing many challenges both energetic and physical. It is a time when everything that is not in balance is being shown up for what it is, both in your personal lives and on a planetary scale. But it is also a time of celebration for you as light workers, as the first and second waves of Ascension are now completing their journey and are ready to be the “Light to the World”, and to be those who hold Peace and Love in their hearts despite the low frequencies of violence and hate that may seem to be prevalent.

If you are reading these words, Beloveds, then you are probably among those who are able to access New Earth frequency and hold this for others, whether in groups or as individuals. For you, the symbol of the Cosmic Dancer encourages you to engage in the Dance of Life with Poise and Grace. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down into despair, but dance with and into the ascending spiral of Hope and Love.

When a skilled dancer moves with the flow of music, they create patterns that express their souls and their story. The dance of life is no different, as you move to Celestial Music and Tones and Codes along the Sacred Geometric pathways that create and manifest Reality.

As you know, those who dance with grace ands skill must first learn their steps, and often it takes many years to achieve a level of skill. So too, Beloveds, you have spent many years aligning with these New Earth frequencies and learning the steps in your personal journey of Ascension. Now is the time to simply express who you are as you flow with the Dance of Life.

You are ready to hold these frequencies of The New Earth as you move through the Sacred Pathways of the Heart that were taught by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene in their work as Avatars of the Golden Christ Consciousness.

As you reach this level of skill you will be able to create a daily personal practice that will support and nurture your physical, emotional and mental well-being. You will be attracted to groups and communities, and Circles of Light that will amplify the Heart Frequencies of Love and Joy, and Gratitude.

The New Earth is Here! You are called to be Ambassadors of Peace and Love. Be the Love in every step of your daily life!

Be the Cosmic Dancer that moves with complete grace to the music of the Stars that is in your Heart and Soul.

You are embodied Light dancing on the Earth!

If you wish to learn more about the Cosmic Dancer energy and how to embody it in your life, please join Celia Fenn with Archangel MIchael and Mary Magdalene for the 11/11 Scorpio Gate webinars where we will engage with these ideas and more! Please click here to read more and to book your place.

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The Scorpio Gate 2023 Ascension Webinars

The Cosmic Dancer and the Ascension Path: The Point of Mastery, the Scorpio Gate and the 11/11 Portal

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