Dearest Hearts, you are approaching a powerful time of initiation and transformation for all of Humanity, but also for the Planet. At this powerful transit of the Eclipse on the 20th April and the Taurus Gate and Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, you will embody and integrate the frequencies of the Emerald Heart. This will enable you to receive, hold and transmit the 9D frequencies of the Aldebaran Star Garden and to anchor these frequencies for the New Earth. You will also be initiated into the new Tree of Life for the New Earth and the Age of Aquarius. This is the Tree of Life and Grace, called the Tree of Grace, that has been inaugurated at the centre of the Star Garden to hold the central pillar of Life for the New Earth.

Those of you who are ready will step into the frequencies that will activate the Emerald Heart within you. The Emerald Frequency is a 9D transmission of Light Codes from the Star Garden of Aldebaran that carries the Light Information for the creation and manifestation of New Earth through the evolution and initiation of species. The Emerald Star Garden is the original Galactic “Garden of Eden” where species are designed by the Elohim Angels and by their helpers the Sirians and Pleiadians and the Cosmic Whales and Dolphins.

The Star Garden of Aldebaran

The Star Garden is in the keeping of the Council of Light of Aldebaran, which includes members from Sirius and the Pleiades. It is a great Library and Seed Vault for all Templates of Light for life forms that are seeded in this part of your Galaxy. It is from here that the Emerald Light Codes are transmitted out to anchor holographic forms of new life templates and to issue evolutionary updates.

The Emerald Light Codes are a 9D frequency and therefore only available to those who have raised their consciousness to this level.

At the Eclipses, those who are energetically ready will be able to align their frequencies with the Emerald Light Codes by activating the Emerald Heart Aspect of their Sacred Heart. This will align them with transmissions from the Star Garden and will allow them to receive and transmit these Light Codes on and for the Earth.

This will be a gradual process, to allow each individual to slowly shift into these higher frequencies without burning out. We ask you to be gentle with yourselves and to allow the process to unfold in a gentle way.

The Tree of Grace: The New Earth Tree of Life

At the centre of the Star Garden stands the new “Tree of Life” for the New Earth. It is called the Tree of Life and Grace, or simply the Tree of Grace.

It embodies the Divine Feminine energies of Grace and Compassionate Love that are at the Heart of the New Earth Consciousness.

This Tree of Life holds the central pillar of consciousness for the Earth, and also is a great Library for all the Templates for life forms of the Earth and the Solar System. It is the “Great Mother” who holds all life within herself.

At this period of the Eclipses and the 5/5 Full Moon Eclipse, you will also be initiated into the Tree of Grace as the central frequency for New Earth.

So, you will release the frequency of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which has dominated the Old Earth with its duality and aggression, and you will transit to the Tree of Grace where the Divine energies of Grace and Compassion will define life going forward.

The Adventure of the Emerald Heart

Dearest Ones, what an adventure it will be to traverse the Path of the Emerald Heart and to work with the Gold and Green Fires of Creation on your Planet.

You will become transmitters of these codes, and where you walk and touch the Earth these Emerald Light Codes will be anchored and activated.

This will accelerate the transformation of Earth into the New Lemuria, a beautiful Paradise Garden where New Earth humans can live in Peace and Harmony.

This is where the adventure begins.
We are excited to work with you,
Light Dancers of the New Earth.
You are Beings of Grace and Light
Blessing the Earth by your presence.



Bringing Heaven to Earth and the Adventure of the Emerald Heart

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