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Mastering your Time Spiral and Creating your own upward Spirals of Joy

In this webinar we will discuss that nature of Timelines and Time Spirals and what is the difference between them. We will discover that as we move into multi-dimensionality, we need to be able to stay in balance and direct the energies with skill.

We will learn how to initiate a Time Spiral and how to energise it as part of our personal evolution. We will also learn how to break free of circular and repeating patterns simply through intention and choice. And we will learn how to identify and release a devolving pattern or spiral.

This is crucial information as we enter into the New Earth and work to hold our energy as Masters of Time and Space. It will assist us to identify when our consciousness drops and what to do when we need to raise it again.

Finally, we will look at how working with the Spiral of the Sacred Year will help us to keep moving on the upward spirals with the Royal Star Lions who are the Keepers of the upward Time Spirals and who connect with us most powerfully at the Lions Gate

This is a 60-90-minute Zoom webinar and includes a PDF booklet download for each participant. If you cannot attend the webinar in person, a recording of the session will be made available within 24-48 hours after the session has taken place.

This Webinar takes place at 7pm/19:00 Cape Town Time (UTC+2) on Sunday 30 June 2024.

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Please note that this webinar is offered in English only.

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