The Diamond Codes

Light Information for the New Reality

The Big Shift in 2012 changed our world and introduced a New Reality. In this book, Celia explains the nature of the shift and what it means for us in 2014 and beyond.


What's Inside

The Book includes a section on the clearing of the "Atlantis Trauma" and its effects, and the activation of the New Galactic Human Template for the New Earth. This is followed by the information and activations of the Five Diamond Codes. Each Code contains information that will help you to stay calm, peaceful and empowered in the Transformations and Changes of the New Reality.

Part ONE - The New Reality

Chapter 1 - The New Reality

Chapter 2 - The Galactic Human Template

Part two - The Diamond Codes

Chapter Three - Introduction to the Diamond Codes

Chapter Four - The First Diamond Code: Earth

Chapter Five - The Second Diamond Code: Water

Chapter Six - The Third Diamond Code: Air

Chapter Seven - The Fourth Diamond Code: Fire

Chapter Eight - The Fifth Diamond Code: The Diamond Heart

Including BONUS
Remastered Audio  Activations

We've completely reformatted the book, and optimised it so that its even easier to read, absorb and process. We've also restructured the material so it is even easier now to work through, and you'll know exactly when to listen to each of the amazingly powerful audio activations.

The 2 hours of audio that is included with the book has been completely remastered, and these are available as MP3 downloads. or listened to online to be used with the information in each chapter. This book is a self-contained course in working with the Energies of the New Reality.

Some Reviews

I am so excited to read this! You write clearly, your knowledge is sublime, and this is one of the clearest ' histories of our planet' that I have EVER encountered.

Michele South Africa

Thank you Celia, you write with such clarity and compassion on such a multifaceted phenomena...deepest gratitude for lighting the WAY, may we each find our frequential resonance within this work.it is the gift of 2014!

Lynne United Kingdom

Just wish to THANK YOU for this amazing book – finally got a chance to read the full PDF last night, and when I finished, I cried and cried and cried … with release and connection. Today I did the first two activations, and they are super powerful!!! My body, crown, eyes are just going crazy tingly with the energy, it’s just beautiful. Thank you.

Jane  Singapore

I opened the mail and was flushed with the energy therein. My crown chakra popped open and once reading the first few pages, started to spontaneously cry. .....I have been very frustrated of late, but having read your book, it has opened me into future realities. And a world that makes a lot more sense. Your book needs to be placed in every home, hotel on this planet for all humans to access.

John  South Africa

Reviewing the notes again on the Diamond Codes and feeling so blessed to have been brought to these teachings!!

Kristy  United STates of America

Thank you for your great contribution to our evolution Celia...and AA Michaël and all Masters of Love, Light, Form, and Will.

Julie  Canada

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