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Current & Upcoming Webinars

Mastering your Time Spiral and Creating your own upward Spirals of Joy

Recorded Webinars

These past webinars are still available for purchase as recordings.

2024 Taurus Gate Webinar Series: The Return to the Garden and the Re-activation of Innocence
2024 Aquarius Gate Webinars: Roses, Dragons and Diamonds
Creating Miracles 101: The New Earth and the Field of Dreams
Scorpio Gate 2023 Ascension Webinar Series: The Cosmic Dancer and the Ascension Path
The Golden Rose Webinars: Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and the Teachings of the Golden Rose and the Christ Consciousness
8/8 Lions Gate 2023 Ascension Webinar Series: The Next Steps… the Emergence of the Galactic Deep Human and the Diamond Starfire Children
2023 Taurus Gate Ascension Series: Bringing Heaven to Earth and the Adventure of the Emerald Heart
2/2 Aquarius Gate Ascension Webinar: The Emergence of New Earth Mastery and the Aqua Heart

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