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27 November 2023

Today is a beautiful and glorious Full Moon in Gemini. I have to say it feels a bit like Mercury retrograde as I have spent a large part of the ...

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Full Moon in Gemini and Sun into Sagittarius/Scorpio and Ophiucus
21 November 2023

In our New Earth frequencies there is a vibration that I call The Flower Garden of Mary Magdalene. It is filled with Flowers and Herbs and Plants. And Healing frequencies ...

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The Flower Garden of Mary Magdalene
11 November 2023

Today is the power portal of the 11/11 and Scorpio Gate. Powerful Energies of Light and Water Codes pouring in. It feelsaso delicious to me: so gentle and yet so ...

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11/11 Portal and Scorpio Gate: Angels and Swans
6 November 2023

Wow! The energies right now are powerful. The most beautiful auororas are being seen all over the planet. This one in Magenta and Gold, the colors of the Divine Feminine, ...

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The Energies of NOW
5 November 2023

As we move towards the 11/11 portal next week we are being asked to connect with the powerful energies of Water and the creative energy of the Water Bird or ...

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The Rising of the Cosmic Water Bird/Phoenix
28 October 2023

As we transit this Partial Lunar Eclipse, the energy is very light and translucent on the higher frequencies but at the same time very deep. The Collective consciousness is hovering ...

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
25 October 2023

As we sashay into Scorpio season with our best dance moves, we feel the difference in the energies. We are going deeper and more inwards as the eclipse energies line ...

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Scorpio Season and the coming Lunar Eclipse
21 October 2023

We are in the end phases of Spring here down south, enjoying the softness of Spring but gearing up for the heat of summer! Actually, we only really had about ...

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Transitions and Changes
14 October 2023

The “Ring of Fire” Annular Eclipse today is proving to be a potent wave of energy. I am feeling it very deeply in the physical body, as though something very ...

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Annular Solar Eclipse
11 October 2023

Dear Friends, this is such a difficult and challenging time. With the powerful 10/10 energies yesterday and the shocking information coming out of Israel and Palestine, I think most of ...

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Post 10/10 and Trauma feelings
7 October 2023

October is already proving to be a powerful month. The effects of the Libra energy are a striving for balance and yet all that is not in balance is being ...

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The Eclipses in October 2023
28 September 2023

Wow what a powerful flow of energy is coming with the Full Moon and SuperMoon in Aries! Last night I felt like I was drunk, with the energies powerfully activating ...

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29th September: Full Moon in Aries
23 September 2023

Today is the Sacred September Equinox. It is the second Point of LIght in the Sacred Year Cycle and the moment when the night and day are of equal length ...

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September Equinox 2023: The Point of Balance
20 September 2023

Isn’t this magnificent? Waves of Purple, Magenta and Gold light over the Netherlands yesterday. No matter how difficult things may seem, we are still receiving waves upon waves of Light ...

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Equinox Aurora
17 September 2023

Right now, where i live in South Africa, the weather is kind of wild and water is showing its Wild face. 7Ft waves and storm surge have created scenes of ...

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Wild Water, New Moon and Spring Tides
16 September 2023

Yes, the energy has continued to be intense and weird, and we are only one week out from the second Sacred Point of Light, the Equinox Portal on 23rd September. ...

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A week to the Equinox Portal
9 September 2023

Today is a strong energy day, the 9/9 portal which opens passages towards the Fall/Spring Equinox. Today also there was a powerful and destructive earthquake in Morocco, with many people ...

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9/9 Portal: 9 September 2023
30 August 2023

This Full Moon on Thursday 31st of August is a spectacular Moon. It is a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon of the month, the first was ...

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Full Moon. Blue Moon. Super Moon. Power Up!
19 August 2023

At this time of the year as we transit through Leo and towards Virgo, we feel the intense effect of the Royal Star Regulus, also known as the “Heart of ...

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The Regulus Effect: How you May be Feeling
17 August 2023

After the intense and powerful energy of the Lions Gate transit, we move into a gentler period of energy where the image of the Lady and the Lion is the ...

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The Lady and the Lion
8 August 2023

On this beautiful day of the 8th August 2023 we begin a new spiral cycle of Time/Space. The past falls away and we activate the NOW moment. Aligning with our ...

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Lions Gate 8/8: The Roar of the Lion
6 August 2023

Intense is not the word. Post Full Moon with the 8/8 portal rapidly approaching, yesterday’s X Class Solar Flare was just over the top. The Galaxy is gearing up for ...

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8/8 Lions Gate 2023 and the Holographic Light Body
2 August 2023

What a magnificent Full Moon in Aquarius. The ethers are just humming with Aquafire……water and fire plasma. It is such a creative moment as we stand on the threshold of ...

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Aquarius Full Moon with Sun in Leo
19 July 2023

As the Sun moves towards Leo and the Lions Gate, there is an increase in the Solar Fire energy coming into the Planet. In Ancient Egypt the Sirian Star teachers ...

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Sun into Leo, the increase of infusions of Solar Fire Energy and Changing your personal energy flows