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6 June 2023

Today is the 6/6 Portal in the constellation of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the bringer of Divine Messages. What message of Divine Love will the Portal ...

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6/6 Portal in Gemini/the Twins
3 June 2023

Another two power portals coming up. First the Full Moon on Saturday into Sunday and then the 6/6 Portal in Gemini on Tuesday. The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings in ...

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Full Moon in Sagittarius/Ophiucus and the 6/6 Portal
27 May 2023

The energy tsunami we have received after the 5 /5 Full Moon and Eclipse has been amplified by an exploding Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy near the Big Dipper/Ursa Major. ...

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Exploding Supernova sends waves of energy to Earth
20 May 2023

In the wake of the 5/5 Full Moon and Eclipse, it has been a crazy time. Add Mercury Retrograde, and yes, well, even crazier. I struggled with the Mercury Retrograde. ...

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Let the Magic Begin…
10 May 2023

What a powerful time it is as the New Path forward emerges. I have found that the energy is so very different now, but in a subtle way. It is ...

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The Power of the New Path
7 May 2023

After the massive shift of the 5/5 Full Moon Eclipse, we have made it to the other side. For me, the 5/5 was a time of Divine Grace and Pure ...

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On the Other Side: The Return to the Garden
2 May 2023

Yes, it is a momentous week, and we are in the final stages of the passageway to a New and more Magical Reality on Earth. As we pass out of ...

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The passage to the Full Moon/Wesak Moon with Lunar Eclipse and the 5/5 Taurus Gate Portal on May 5th
27 April 2023

Such powerful energies flowing as the 2/11 flow settles in and Sacred Earth returns. The 2/11 flow is the energy of the Divine Feminine, the Sophia Christos/Magdalene energy that is ...

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April/May 2023: The Return of Sacred Earth
20 April 2023

Today is Total Solar Eclipse, visible mainly in western Australia. Isn’t it majestic! It is the first Eclipse of 2023 and represents a moment of fundamental and deep change in ...

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Total Solar Eclipse
9 April 2023

Easter Sunday reminds us that this sacred narrative is not only about death and ending, but also about a new beginning and a new life. Yeshua modelled the ascension process ...

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Easter Rising and the New Human
7 April 2023

With the Moon still Full in Libra and the Easter week-end, it is a powerful time for Peace and Harmony. It seems that way to me today, with so much ...

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Full Moon in Libra and Easter Week-end
4 April 2023

Today is the 4/4, a power portal that connects us to the Earth and asks us to be really grounded in the New Earth grids. At this time of Spring/Autumn ...

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The 4/4 Power Portal
25 March 2023

Well we have nearly made it through March 2023! Just a few more days, but we are already in our new energetic “positions” to move forward in bringing Heaven to ...

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The End of March and the Power of Team Heaven to Earth!
20 March 2023

Today is the Equinox…and like the Eagle we are rising into a new life and a New Earth. We are stepping into our power and becoming a stronger and more ...

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March 20: The Eagle Rises
16 March 2023

We are just 4 days out from the Equinox and the solar and galactic energies are so intense. There was a huge explosion on the far side of the sun ...

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The Approaching Equinox
7 March 2023

Yes today is a kind of double whammy and very powerful day. And the new energies are moving very powerfully in synch. The Full Moon is Virgo is celebrating the ...

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Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn into Pisces
5 March 2023

That is the name Archangel Michael gave me for the energy experience that we are undergoing in March 2023. It is a result of the intense flow of Water Plasma ...

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Interdimensional Flux
2 March 2023

Tomorrow the 3rd of March is the 3/3 Portal and also features a Magical alignment between Jupiter and Venus in the night Sky. The focus is all about LOVE and ...

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3/3 Portal and Venus/Jupiter Conjunction
28 February 2023

I have been out of communication as I have been down a very strange Rabbit Hole. I call it Baboonmeggedon. On Sunday last I went out for an hour and ...

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Lemuria Interrupted or Baboonmeggedon
20 February 2023

After a long hot summer, we finally had rain today! It was such bliss to enjoy the energy of water as the rain swept across the mountains and out towards ...

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New Moon in Pisces
19 February 2023

Sometimes we get so caught up in the drama of the Ascension Changes that we forget to celebrate the Beauty and the Magic. So as the Sun moves into the ...

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Sun into Pisces: Have a Magical day
18 February 2023

That was a powerful one! Yesterday (Friday) I had just finished my meal and was sitting quietly when I suddenly started feeling nauseous and my body started shaking. Naturally, I ...

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Solar Flare X Class and incoming CME Friday 17th February
12 February 2023

Right now we are in the nexus of a powerful combination of creative forces : a Tsunami of Liquid Light/Plasma and a powerful X Class Solar Flare. The Liquid Light ...

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Tsunami of Liquid Light and X Class Solar Flare
8 February 2023

I want to start by expressing sympathy and support to Turkiye for the loss of life sustained in the big earthquake. I have spent much time in Turkiye and her ...

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The Earthquake in Turkiye, Earth Changes, Gobekli Tepe, and our Galactic History