Celia's Blog - 20 March 2024

And so we move into the Equinox Gateway as the Sun moves into Aries.

What a powerful time!

The Equinox marks the change of the seasons, where the day and the night are of equal length before the days begin to grow longer as Spring arrives in the North, or shorter as Autumn arrives in the South.

We are also moving into the stellar area of Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades, as well as the great star Aldebaran. We are beginning to receive intensified transmissions of the Emerald Codes that are revitalizing nature and creating the New Earth Garden.

It is important that we integrate these Emerald Codes as well as the Beauty Codes before we enter the Eclipse portals on 25th March and 8th April. There are deep fundamental shifts happening in our world and in our bodies, as we choose whether to become organic beings aligned with our original templates as Human Angels, or whether we drift towards becoming digital and transhuman beings. We must make a clear choice to awaken our Human Angelic template and enter the New Earth with these powerful flows of energy.

So tomorrow, as the Seasons shift, allow yourself to flow with the energies and the shifts that take you closer to the Mult-dimensional Angelic Being that you were designed to be.

Have a wonderful Equinox transit everyone!

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