Private Sessions with Celia

Private Sessions/Mentor sessions with Celia Fenn are one-hour online sessions on the Zoom platform.

The sessions are recorded, and you will receive the audio recording via We Transfer.
All you need is Zoom and you are set to go!

Celia has more than two decades of experience in doing Readings and Private Sessions with people all around the world.  As an intuitive empath and channel, she is able to read your energies and connect with your Higher Aspects, as well as channeling information and messages from Archangel Michael and other Beings in the Spirit Realms.

Cost Per Session



There are two types of Private Sessions available:

Soul Star/Soul Purpose Session with Celia and Archangel Michael

In this time of huge shift and transformation, many of us are feeling a little lost as we know that things are fundamentally changing, but we are not always sure how that affects us and our mission on the Earth.

Celia works with the information in your Soul Star chakra, and with Archangel Michael, to help to guide you to a stronger alignment with your work and purpose.

 Focus Session

In these sessions you can choose the focus.  It may be that you want to discuss an issue or seek for more information about events in your life.

Let me know what you want to explore and we can set it up together.

Archangel Michael is also a part of these sessions.

Inquire About A Private Session

Please note that only genuine requests for Private Sessions will be answered.

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