Celia's Blog - 28 September 2023

Wow what a powerful flow of energy is coming with the Full Moon and SuperMoon in Aries!

Last night I felt like I was drunk, with the energies powerfully activating the higher chakras into the multi-dimensional realms. It is so important to be grounded now and keep your focus in your heart with Love and Peace.

Aries is a Fire Moon and as such carries a very volatile and unstable energy – like Fire! We need to be aware not to be swept up into volatile and unstable situations.

In its positive facets it is strong and powerful and asks us to step into our empowerment and leadership energy. Needless to say, we well may have to stand up for ourselves with this energy around.

With this Full Moon so close after equinox, the weather may be volatile as well. Here in Cape Town, we had 2 months’ worth of rain in 2 days, with a major Equinox/Spring Storm.

It is good at this Full Moon to sit in peaceful meditation. Feel the warmth of Fire and the Sun, but guide the energy into creative channels that bring peaceful energy to the Earth.

If you are feeling dizzy, remember to ground yourself in nature, eat grounding foods and keep hydrated! If your nervous system is overstimulated, try natural calming foods such as Chamomile tea and oatmeal porridge. Lavender and Geranium Essentials oils are also good. But a calm center and a peaceful heart are best of all!

Love to everyone at this Full Moon.

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