Celia's Blog - 19 August 2023

At this time of the year as we transit through Leo and towards Virgo, we feel the intense effect of the Royal Star Regulus, also known as the “Heart of the Lion”.

Regulus is a massive Blue White star that spins at an accelerated rate, and when it is alignment with Earth (as now) we feel this accelerated energy. The purpose of this is to provide extra “fuel” for our lift off into a new cycle of TimeSpace.

This may cause several effects in your physical being:

  1. Exhaustion and the feeling that things are moving too fast. Please work with self-care and rest when you need to. You may find yourself sleeping more than usual.
  2. Dehydration and Muscle weakness or spasms. You may find that you feel dehydrated and that your muscles are either weak and/or going into spasm. You need to hydrate, but you also need to add a small amount of bio salt to water every day to provide the mineral salts the body needs to absorb water into cells. Bio salt is salt made from earth sources rather than sea salt, such as Himalayan salt. Our modern food sources often lack this kind of salt and when there is extra pressure on the body, we can become dehydrated.
  3. Dizziness and Spaciness. This relates to the brain working with high frequency energies and feeling “top heavy”. It is so important to ground yourself and spend time in nature. Archangel Michael tells me that we are learning to work with a “gravity well”. I am not too sure yet what that means, but it seems to be the effect of distortions in the TimeSpace continuum when it encounters a physical body. It wraps around the body and causes strange “warps” in the energy. That sounds about right, but I have no idea how you deal with it other than staying in your heart and allowing the flow of love to keep you balanced and upright.

Just know that this powerful and intense energy is preparing you for powerful creations and miracles in the months that will come.

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