Intense is not the word. Post Full Moon with the 8/8 portal rapidly approaching, yesterday’s X Class Solar Flare was just over the top. The Galaxy is gearing up for the huge shift. And we are part of it as first wavers step into their Holographic Light Bodies and prepare to become the Creators and Manifesters of New Earth in 2023/4 and at the Lions Gate.

I love the Holographic Light Body, it is our final step into the Multi-Dimensional Light Body connected to Source.

It is the gift of the Soul to those who have embodied Soul as part of their Journey on Earth.

From its seat in the Heart, the Soul send out holographic plasma energy (aquafire/starfire) that spins into a sphere that encompasses all dimensions and home to the Source. The Human Body is contained within this sphere, and the 13 Chakra system keeps it in balance and harmony. But, the stability of the sphere depends on our ability to stay in Love, Peace and Harmony.

No matter how fast the sphere may spin, it is always anchored in Peace and Love and Joy.

It is our vehicle for Angelic Creativity and Manifestation.

It includes our connection to Source/Prime Creator and so is a powerful energy.

When we align with our active Holographic Light body, we are able to cope with high frequency light transmission as well as being resilient in lower frequencies.

Because we are always anchored in the Heart and Soul and always focussed on our Soul and its mission for New Earth.

Stay in Peace and Love.

We got this!

Image: Magdalene Cross by Rosa Maria Marquez

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