Celia's Blog - 21 November 2023

In our New Earth frequencies there is a vibration that I call The Flower Garden of Mary Magdalene.

It is filled with Flowers and Herbs and Plants.

And Healing frequencies that we can access now to bring the deep nurturing and love of the Divine Feminine into our bodies.

At this time of transformation when our bodies are feeling so many sensations and symptoms we can work with Divine Feminine and the energies of nature.

The Magdalene herself worked with sacred oils, as we learn that she anointed the feet of Yeshua with a healing oil. She was skilled in the healing arts and was probably what we could an aromatherapist/reflexologist today.

She also lived in that part of France that is known, even today, for its fields of flowers that are used to create fragrant oils and perfumes.

So it is no surprise that she oversees the Flower Garden energies and she encourages us to use them to support our bodies.

We can use Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Herbal teas in our everyday lifer to nurture our physical bodies as we integrate these new and powerful energies.

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Image Credit: Mary Magdalene by Denise Daffara

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