Celia's Blog - 11 October 2023

Dear Friends, this is such a difficult and challenging time. With the powerful 10/10 energies yesterday and the shocking information coming out of Israel and Palestine, I think most of us are struggling to hold our Balance and Inner Peace.

I know I am not feeling well today, and I struggled to sleep last night.

And we are in the Eclipse corridor, just 3 days to go to the Annular Eclipse.

Please take care of yourselves, and do not allow yourself to fall into anger and despair. There is so much to hope for and so many changes that are positive and supporting the Peace of the New Earth.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the trauma, but that we come from a place of deep compassion for the suffering and a deep desire to create Peace and Joy on Earth.

The Feminine Christ Path that originated in Israel with Mary Magdalene is the “Beauty Path” where Love, Peace and Harmony are the foundations for a way of life that honours All and Supports and Nurtures All where possible.

We stand together for Peace on our Planet and that all may ascend to the New Earth Christ Consciousness.

I love you All!

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