Celia's Blog - 30 August 2023

This Full Moon on Thursday 31st of August is a spectacular Moon. It is a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon of the month, the first was on the 1st August.

It is a Super Moon, one of Several this year. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is closer to the Earth than normal and so appears larger. This Super Moon will be the closest to the Earth for 2023.

So, after all the Lions Gate power energies, the Moon is adding in some Power Up energies.

These will be strong magnetic and feminine energies, the energies of Aqua Plasma and Aqua Fire.

You may find yourself having very deep sleeps and very powerful dreams. And also very powerful day dreams.

Sleep seems to be key here, and the feelings of trance and dream. It is a Pisces Full Moon after all, and the Neptunian energies that connect us to powerful inner and spiritual states are magnifies by the Super Moon.

Also the dreamy flow of water, moving us powerfully into a new spiral of creation after the major “leap” forward of the Lions Gate

Water and Oceanic currents are very strong, with Spring Tides raising and lowering the flows of the Ocean’s movements.

The best path now is to move with the flow, gently but powerfully. It is a Divine Feminine flow that is powerful like the Divine Mother, but also gentle and loving. BE Powerful but also gentle and loving. We are being taken to the shores of a new existence.

Have a wonderful Full Moon everyone…and don’t forget to dream.

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