Celia's Blog - 25 October 2023

As we sashay into Scorpio season with our best dance moves, we feel the difference in the energies.

We are going deeper and more inwards as the eclipse energies line up along the Scorpio/Taurus axis.

Just 3 days to go!

This Eclipse is not feeling as intense as the Solar eclipse to me, it seems to have a deeper and more fluid feeling. It will also bring new Light Codes that will change the way we live on Earth and how we structure our financial lives within our communities.

My natal Moon is in Taurus, and Moon in Taurus is exalted and ruled by Venus. It is a Goiddess Moon, and the New Light Codes are about bringing the Divine Feminine to Earth and anchoring in energies of Love and Compassion. We will be flooded with the flows of Divine Grace if we are open to receive.

Also, as I was thinking about the traditional energies for Scorpio, I released it is a Water sign and that the Scorpion and the Phoenix are the symbols.

Scorpions are kind of creepy, but in Egyptain/Sirian teachings Scorpions were the “bodyguards” of the Goddesses. Isis had a squad of 13 scorpions who used to go ahead of her and clear the way of all negative energies. I could engage with a squad of those myself! I can see them as protective rather than just as dangerous.

Also, the Phoenix in its first phase is a Fire Bird, but in its second phase of creation it becomes a Water Bird or a Water Phoenix that fits in with the Scorpio/Water energy.

I will be talking more about this in our Scorpio Gate webinars that begin this Sunday just after the Lunar Eclipse.

Please join our Community to feel the creative energy of the Water Phoenix in your life!

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