We are now less than a week out from the big Solar Eclipse on the 8th of April. After the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of March and just before the 4/4 Portal, we are feeling the building of power!

We are especially feeling the energy of Ma’at the great Goddess of Balance, after the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. What is out of balance in our lives is being brought to our attention.

The energies of Masculine and Feminine are coming into balance within us as the new Divine Masculine emerges.

Add to these energies the presence of a comet (with a bent tail) that is also transiting our Solar system right now. Comets always take me deep into my own consciousness and the collective consciousness, and so at this time we often find deep feelings emerging and needing to be expressed.

This is also a time for us to wake up and feel the pulsations of the Great Cosmic Heart that are transmitting through the Tree of Life Template. The Song is being sung of a New Earth, of a great renewal where Nature and Animals will once again flourish on Earth.

Within us, within our Hearts, a New Earth of Peace and Joy is arising!

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