Celia's Blog - 11 November 2023

Today is the power portal of the 11/11 and Scorpio Gate.

Powerful Energies of Light and Water Codes pouring in.

It feelsaso delicious to me: so gentle and yet so powerful.

I am conscious of many many Angels from Archangel Michael and the Elohim celebrating the unfolding of a new phase of Evolution and Transformation on the Earth.

Your personal timeline is aligning with the New Earth timeline to power a huge shift forwards and upwards.

New ideas, new projects and new work, or maybe the old re-envisioned to something higher and more profound.

I am so excited with these new energies!

Fly with the Angels and flow with the graceful Royal Waterbirds into the next level of the New Reality.

Love, Grace , Joy and Peace to all on this day.


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