Celia's Blog - 16 September 2023

Yes, the energy has continued to be intense and weird, and we are only one week out from the second Sacred Point of Light, the Equinox Portal on 23rd September.

In our transformation process we are becoming more” liquid” and fluid and more affected by Plasma flows, especially the aquafire and water plasma flows.

There is also increased activity in the Earth’s magnetics, as the Planet balances out its magnetic flows. This is responsible for the kind of sea wave unsteadiness some of you are feeling.

It is a time of deep transformation on all levels. I find that a regular spiritual soul-based practice including a focus on Love, Balance and Peace helps immensely.

BALANCE is the key word here, along with GROUNDING. As the Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd as well, we will find more need to work with balance as the chaos around us increases!

I also find a focus on a healthy and balancing diet and staying hydrated with spring water and/or structured water is so important right now. Water is a fluid form of Divine Consciousness that reflects our consciousness both as individuals and as a collective.

If we keep our bodies clear and hydrated, we will be better able to serve humanity as clear and pure transmitters of Light. That is what we came to do, and to help to create the New Earth as a shining beacon of light in the Galaxy.

The Earth herself is activating this process, cleansing, and throwing off toxic energies to begin creating a New Earth and a New Lemuria. We can be part of this by staying in balance, especially in our emotional and mental aspects. Seek the Clear Angelic purity of the Pure Heart and it will guide you home!

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