Celia's Blog - 4 January 2024

Yes, it really has arrived this exciting year of 2024. The year of the Rose and the year in which we reawaken and reconnect with our Galactic Source energies.

This was the teaching of Mary Magdalene, the Feminine Christ Avatar, who taught her followers the Path of the Pure Heart and of Simplicity Joy, Love and Abundance.

The teachings of the Rose and its spiral into the Galactic Heart will be our motivation for this year.

Key moments in this month will be the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th of January. The Moon will be at 20 degrees of Capricorn and Pluto at 29 degrees. A very intense placement, with Pluto energy offering change as we consider what seeds of change and renewal we are planting in 2024. Use the energy of the New Moon to consider this wisely.

On the 21st of January, the Sun moves into Aquarius, but this is another powerful Pluto moment because the Sun will be conjunct Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius. This may well be a defining moment for 2024, as it represents a 0/zero-point energy for the New Creations we are bringing forward. Pluto then moves forward and will only dip back into Capricorn once this year from September to November, and then full steam ahead into the New Earth and the Golden Age.

The 25th of January is the Full Moon in Leo, with Star Lions and Dragons abounding! It promises to be a powerful and Fiery Moon filled with Magic and Sparkles! The Water Bearer energy of Aquarius will also shine through as Water Plasma and Fire Plasma energy is poured down to the Earth in a sign of great blessing!

And also leading up to the powerful 2/2 Aquarius Gate Portal.

Enjoy the month everyone!

Follow the Rose!

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