Celia's Blog - 23 September 2023

Today is the Sacred September Equinox. It is the second Point of LIght in the Sacred Year Cycle and the moment when the night and day are of equal length as the seasons change from Summer to Autumn in the North and from Winter to Spring in the South.

It has been a wild and watery Equinox Corridor here in South Africa. Huge Spring tides have caused devastation in coastal areas in the days leading up to Equinox, and we have another big storm coming in for Sunday and Monday.

But today is a point of Balance.

A quiet moment when we can take a deep breath and focus on holding Balance in our Hearts. And also, aligning our chakras so that we can be a point of balance to all those around us.

In this maelstrom of energy and Light plasma, we are called to be the Still Point of Balance at the center so that others can feel the Peace and Joy that is possible.

This is an intensely creative time, when the choices that we make will manifest in our lives.

Choose to be in Peace and Serenity.

Choose to live in Grace.

Choose to create Beauty, Peace and Love.

Choose to be the Still Point of Balance today!

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