Celia's Blog - 9 September 2023

Today is a strong energy day, the 9/9 portal which opens passages towards the Fall/Spring Equinox.

Today also there was a powerful and destructive earthquake in Morocco, with many people killed and left homeless. Many of us are also feeling tired after a long Summer/Winter with many challenges.

But the 9/9 energy urges us to draw on our wisdom and our Inner Resources. It is a time to go inwards and allow yourself quiet time to connect with your Higher Self/Soul and your “Team”.

It is time to feel your true connection as an “Angelic Human” and to feel your commitment to the Transformation and the rising of the New Earth.

Truly we are in a different world: we need to focus on Love and Compassion as we see the turmoil as the old earth changes. But we can also already see the New Earth. We can feel the changes for the better as we create a new environment and a new Community that we “spin” out from our Sacred Heart and from Pure Love.

On this Sacred 9/9 day may you hear the whispers of the Angel’s wings and may these also be your own beautiful wings as you soar into a New Reality!

Have a beautiful 9/9 everyone!

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