Celia's Blog - 17 August 2023

After the intense and powerful energy of the Lions Gate transit, we move into a gentler period of energy where the image of the Lady and the Lion is the key.

The Divine Feminine steps forward and her Strength is her Love, her gentleness and innocence and her patience and acceptance. With these qualities, she is able to direct the power of the Lion in non-destructive ways.

For us, at this moment, it is important to connect with the depths of our Divine Feminine energy and feel her Strength. But we also need the power of the Lion to claim our space in the New Earth so that we can create and manifest unhindered. The Lion energy helps us to patrol our space and to be responsible for what we create and experience within that space.

But mostly, now is the time to rest in the arms of the Lady, our inner Divine Feminine, so that we can be refreshed as we begin the task of creating on this new Spiral of Time/Space.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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