Celia's Blog - 7 October 2023

October is already proving to be a powerful month. The effects of the Libra energy are a striving for balance and yet all that is not in balance is being seen. So many people seem to be in emotional trauma right now, so it is important that we can hold our center in peace and provide balance and stability for others.

We are heading for Eclipse season, and this always adds to the intensity of our journey as new Light Codes are installed in the New Earth grids and in our DNA grids.

On the 14th of October at New Moon we have an Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra where we will need to really strive to be in balance and to simply observe the chaos around us without becoming a part of it.

Archangel Michael recommends that we focus on the image of the Cosmic Dancer who flows with the waves of energy. Like a skilled dancer we can be in balance and harmony no matter what occurs.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 24th of October and on the 28th we have the Full Moon in Taurus and a partial Lunar Eclipse. Taurus energy always affects home and financial issues, so we can expect some shifts in these areas as well.

So, it may prove to be a challenging month.

I am staying in balance right now by drinking rose petal tea and listening to Enya. This creates a very beautiful and harmonious space that reflects the energy of Libra: beauty, balance and harmony!

Keep dancing to the Cosmic Music!

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