Celia's Blog - 20 January 2024

Today, the 20th of January 2024 is a very important seed day. It is the day when the Sun and Pluto are conjunct at 0 degree of Aquarius.

Archangel Michael calls it the day of the Dragon’s Egg.

Just as the Egg opens to allow the Baby Dragon to emerge, so on this day powerful elemental forces are “hatching” into our world to be the creative energies for the New Earth.

These are forces of nature that will shape and create a New Earth and a New Community.

At the moment theses forces are just “babies” and so maybe we don’t notice them, but they will grow and become stronger as shapers of worlds and new grids for the New Earth.

The Dragons were always the allies of Humanity and the Guardians of the Pure Hearts.

They are emerging now to once again to work with the Pure Hearts to create Miracles within and through nature.

We celebrate the opening of the Dragon’s Egg!

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