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8/8 Lions Gate 2023 Ascension Webinar Series

The Next Steps... the Emergence of the Galactic Deep Human and the Diamond Starfire Children

Once again we stand at the threshold of the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal! It is a time when the stars Sirius and Regulus are prominent in our skies, and we enter into a new spiral of time and creation after the Planetary New Year on 26th July 2023. After the huge shifts we experienced in May and June, we can expect that this will be a powerful transition to a higher level of consciousness and a new cycle of evolution and experience in our Ascension Journey.

You are invited to join Celia Fenn, Archangel Michael and our Community of Light for an online webinar series that will introduce you to the new energies. You will join the Community for a Ceremony of Light on the 8/8 (8th August) with Archangel Michael, the Royal Star Lions and the Master Star Teachers from Sirius. We will conclude with two integration webinars that will help you to integrate the new energies in your forward journey into the new spiral.

Each webinar is an hour in length and is recorded, so even if you are unable to attend the live transmissions, you can always watch the recording in your own time. Recordings and course notes will be made available to each participant on the webinar access page.

Webinar series begins at 7pm/19:00 Cape Town Time (UTC+2) on Sunday 23rd July 2023.

The Program

Webinars will take place at 
7pm/19:00 Cape Town Time (UTC+2)
on the following days:
23rd and 30th of July, and the 8th, 13th, and 20th of August 2023.

All webinar sessions will be on Sundays, except the 8/8 Ceremony which will be on Tuesday the 8th of August.

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  1. 1
    Sunday, 23 July 2023
    As we prepare for the Planetary New Year we also explore what it means to be a Galactic Deep Human with the new Chakra System (12 plus 1). We also learn how to engage our four Pyramids of Power as we ascend into Deeper and Higher Consciousness. There will be an Activation with Archangel Michael, the Star Teachers from Sirius and the Royal Star Lions and the Solar Fire Lions.
  2. 2
    Sunday, 30 July 2023
    In this webinar we prepare for the 8/8 transit. We are also introduced to the Diamond Starfire Children and we learn about their Mission and Purpose. There will be an Activation with Archangel Michael, the Sirian Star Teachers and the Royal Star Lions.
  3. 3
    Tuesday, 8 August 2023
    We will come together in Sacred Ceremony as a Community of Light to transit the Lions Gate together with Archangel Michael and other Beings of Light.
  4. 4
    Sunday, 13 August 2023 - Integration 1
    Living in the Deep State and moving fluidly through life. We will learn how to simplify our lives so that we can cope with the complexity and chaos of a multi-dimensional life. This will be a practical focus on integrating these powerful new energies. There will be an Activation with Archangel Michael and other Beings of Light and Higher Consciousness.
  5. 5
    Sunday, 20 August 2023 - Integration 2
    Living with the Diamond Starfire children and supporting them in their mission, whether they are our children, our grandchildren or part of our community. Learning how these children will help us to shape our future on the New Earth. There will be an activation with Archangel Michael and the Diamond Starfire Collective.

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