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Creating Miracles 101

The New Earth and the Field of Dreams

In the festive season people have open hearts and feel love and joy, so they often experience Christmas miracles.
But what if we could live a life of everyday miracles all year round?

This is a 60–90-minute Zoom webinar and includes a PDF booklet download for each participant.

This Webinar took place on Saturday 23 December 2023.

The Program

In this webinar we will consider:

  • How to create everyday miracles in the New Earth frequency
  • How to “walk” in the Dream World or Quantum Field
  • How to command ideas into manifestation
  • How to be in a state of open-heartedness and self-worth in order to receive your creations

And will also include an activation with Archangel Michael.

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Please note that this webinar is offered in English only.

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