Celia's Blog - 31 December 2022

So this is the last day of the linear year 2022 and tomorrow will be 1/1 the 1st day of year 2023.

What can we expect from 2023?

It will be the year of Mastery, Magic and Simple Joy!

We will continue to ride the spirals of Creation and Manifestation into the New Earth and we will begin the emergence of the Aqua Heart and a deeper relationship with the element of water.

We will draw deeply on the Mastery that we have developed, and begin to create and enjoy the MagIcal New Earth we have waited for. NOW is the time. You have everything that you need within you!

And we will learn the art of Simple Joy!

I like to invite Nature to send me messages via the “visitors” in my garden, that will represent the messages for 2023.

The first one was a sunbird/hummingbird that came and fed on some flowers right next to me. The bird that represents JOY.

The second was a Scorpion! Yes, a messenger of DIVINE PROTECTION. I remember the 13 scorpions that guard the Goddess Isis.

The third was a trio of Crows flying in a vortex pattern, representing MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT and HIGHER SELF. Indeed!

And the final one was a great big Alpha Male Baboon that came right onto my bedroom balcony to make sure I would see him (as if I could miss!!!). He represents LEADERSHIP and WISDOM to lead your “troop” or Soul Family!

So, as you step into 2023 I wish you Joy and Divine Protection, many blessings and messages from Spirit, and the Courage and Confidence to be a Leader for the New Earth!

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