Celia's Blog - 4 December 2022

As we approach the Full Moon in Gemini and the 12/12, there seems to be an increase in “symptoms”.

Firstly, very dry skin and burning itching on hands and feet. I have had this. I am craving water and so drinking almost double what I normally do to hydrate the skin. People are also recommending baths with essential oils and salts. After the big activations and insertion of plasma “water” into our planetary environment, it seems like our bodies are needing more water inside and outside to assist in the crystalline transformation.

Secondly, strange feelings in the head/crown chakra including dizziness (and heaviness in the legs and feet). For myself I am sleeping a lot in the day and having strange dreams like my personal hard drive is being “defragged”. Just fragments of this and that without any real “meaning” as such. I am just going with it.

I need the rest at this point.

Archangel Michael says that these are symptoms of the changes that are taking place in the Crown chakra in preparation for the wave of energy that will come through in 2023, when we will need to be connected fully to our personal sovereignty and inner power.

It is a rebalancing of our energies to prepare us for the second part of the time spiral that will unfold at the 2/2 Aquarius Gate in late January and early February.

So, please stay calm and rest. Stay hydrated. Focus on your Gratitude practice and being in the presence of Simple Joy within.

Love to everyone on this Sunday.

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