Celia's Blog - 6 July 2023

The 7/7/7 Portal is a powerful passage of consciousness that is allowing us to align with our higher self and spirit as we prepare for the massive shifts that are still to come.

7 is the code of the Spiritual Warrior who moves forward fearlessly, and this is what is asked of us now. Release fear and focus on Love and the passage into Higher Consciousness and the New Earth.

The dominant code here is 21/3 (3 x7) which is the Goddess and the World Dancer, which lifts us up into abundance and harmony and the joyful dance of life.

Because we are in the sign of Cancer and under the influence of Sirius, the Divine Feminine power energy is Isis, the Goddess of Abundance and Fertility in Ancient Egypt. She was an emissary of the Star Teachers of Sirius who came to Earth as the first Avatar of Higher Consciousness and Abundance, together with her partner Osiris. They were followed 2000 years later by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and the energy of the Galactic Rose.

And here we are at the 7/7/7, ready to step into our own power and mastery as avatars of the New Earth!

Have a powerful and magical and abundant 7/7/7!

Love to everyone!

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