Celia's Blog - 18 January 2023

Things are certainly changing and energies are moving as we align with the new flow of energy. The Sun moves into Aquarius on Friday already! And a week later we have the Aquarius Gate 2/2 bringing a powerful new focus on the flows of Plasma Light and Water to our Planet.

The new is emerging at incredible speed, and some people are having difficulty finding their way in this whirl of energies. Be kind…it is not easy for any of us.

I like to follow the path of the Cathar Rose…. to live with Grace, Gratitude and Rhythm. It is a powerful combination.

Grace is a deep and profound trust that all will be well. It comes from a deep inner connection with your Soul and your Higher Self. You just know you are supported and that miracles will occur on a daily basis if you need them.

Gratitude is a constant voicing of your gratitude to Spirit for the flow of Love and Miracles that manifest in your life. It means being aware of all that is given at all times!

And Rhythm… this is creating waves and patterns of Grace and Gratitude that lift you into Higher Frequencies even when you have to spend time in the chaos of the lower energies.

I like to create a “wave pattern” in my daily life. I start when I wake up with Gratitude and Prayers. Breakfast becomes a ceremony of gratitude and joy. Tea time is also a moment to do a “tea ceremony” and connect with the flow of abundance…….. and so I set up moments in the day that create a pattern of Higher Consciousness connection on a daily basis. This creates a Rhythmic Wave of Higher Consciousness that weaves through your day and creates Beauty and Balance, no matter what is going on elsewhere.

Peace and Joy are always possible on the Path of the Cathar Rose!

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