This is where I live. It is in what we call the “deep south” of Cape Town. It is a place of Mountains and Water and Sacred Spaces. One of my neighbours in Simons Town is Craig Foster who made the “My Octopus Teacher” documentary and established the Sea Change project. He is passionate about the “Great African Sea Forest” and the history of our area. And he personally discovered the cave skeleton of a race he calls “Wild Humans” who lived in this area for 100,000 years.

The image is a re-enactment of these ancestral beings who lived “wild” and within and as part of nature.

As we move into New Earth and our “re-wilding” process, I begin to understand why I am here in this place.

In Quantum Reality all things are one within the Now moment, Past and Future are one: Everything everywhere all at once.

The seeds of who I am exist in this place and time, and in my now I feel the energy moving as the future possibilities of “living wild” and free begin to emerge.

This is the ancestral wisdom that is calling us to remember who we were so that we can become one with the Earth again.

PS The Brown “stuff” in the sea is the tops of the Kelp Forest, the great undersea forest that exists here.

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