Celia's Blog - 14 June 2023

In this powerful week before the Solstice, I am aware of the way in which the flow of time is moving. Not in a linear way but in a Quantum way, with everything present and all at once.

We feel our ancestral origins and we feel also this new point of origin: the New Earth and what I call the “deep” human or the infinity human.

These two images were taken in New Earth Paradise. From my bedroom balcony. I didn’t have to go anywhere. Paradise is here.

The beautiful female baboon enjoying a meal in my front garden, and the waterfall rushing down the mountain side after the winter rains.

This place, called Simons Towns one of the oldest towns in South Africa. In my area there is also evidence of Stone Age inhabitants going back 400,000 years. And also, evidence of Homo Sapiens type ancestors going back 120,000 years.

It is a “Seed Point” where the energies of creation are most strongly activated.

Then and Now.

We are birthing the New Earth.



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