Celia's Blog - 17 June 2023

We are only a few days out from the June 2023 Solstice. The energies are slowly increasing as waves of Plasma Light and Codes are being received from the Sun and from Cosmic sources.

These Codes will assist us in the major shift that we are undergoing from May and June and into the run up to the Lions Gate 8/8.

The Royal Star Lions and their companions the Solar Fire Lions are making their presence felt to support us in these deep changes.

As Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn, we feel the deep need to change and the last vestiges of the old being thrown off. In many ways there is a tussle between the old and the new.

And emerging from all this is the New Human, the Deep Human who lives in the Quantum new time on a vertical spiral (rather than horizantal linear time).

The Deep Human is centered in the Heart and can make deep dives down into the ancestral timelines or up into the Galactic and Cosmic spirals.

The Deep Human is present in all time and flows deep within the Divine Heart on the Light of the Divine Feminine.

Everything is changing.

Everything is Flowing and Becoming.

We are changing… becoming deeper and lighter and more of an expression of Creator Energy and Love.

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