As the Sun moves towards Leo and the Lions Gate, there is an increase in the Solar Fire energy coming into the Planet. In Ancient Egypt the Sirian Star teachers taught that this grand opening of the Lions Gate portal signified the beginning of a new Solar Cycle for the Earth, or the Planetary New Year. At this time in Egypt, as the star Sirius rises in the sky conjunct the Sun at dawn, the Nile also rises and floods the land in preparation for another cycle of Abundance and Grace. Using the principle of As Above, So Below, the Galactic River (the Milky Way) also floods with Divine Blessings and Abundance. We are feeling this influx of Fire Plasma energy as increased heat and intensity.

The Solar Fire Lions are here to help us to mitigate the effects of the extreme fire energy. If you need help, ask them to work with you. It is their mission on Earth to modulate the fiery discharges from the Sun.

Also, remember to walk the path of simple Grace and Divine Love. Stay centered in your Heart and in unconditional Love. Be at Peace. Allow the chaos to swirl around you as you stay in your center of Divine Love and Harmony.

In these fiery days you are also learning to slow your own energy frequency. The higher your frequency, the slower you will vibrate in the physical realm. So you may find yourself needing to just spend time in peace and doing “nothing” as you recalibrate and shift to a higher personal frequency in preparation for the new cycle that is coming in.

Image: Gold Dahlia by Marney Ward

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